Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Please Welcome Patrick Healy to the Blogosphere

It seems Pat Healy, the king of Kerry-bashing, has set his sights on Hillary Clinton. And it also appears Mr. Healy has decided to enter the world of blogging.

Please extend a friendly welcome and let him know what you think about his new home and his new mission.


Blogger theorajones said...

I was one of those deleted--no cussing, real email addy. I think it was because I said Healy would be engaging in a sexist double standard if he made the sexual proclivities of the Democratic woman's spouse page 1 fodder but didn't go after the wives (and ex-wives) of the various male Republican candidates as well as the candidates themselves. I have zero knowledge of any cheatery by the wives (and don't care). I was just making the point that this article is absord, and balancing it would require something equally absurd.

My guess is the NYT deleted it because of overwrought fears of slander. Tha's fine with me, they have a right to protect themselves even if I think they're being ridiculous and it's perfectly obvious I meant nothing of the sort.

That said, they need to think about the precedent they're setting. Blogging is about transparency, and there's an established way to delete comments--you zap the content, and leave up the entry (and the handle), with an "edited by siteowner" or whatever in its place. But pretending that something that people saw and read with their own eyes was actually never written--that's a terrible precedent for a newspaper, of all things, to be setting. It's "memory hole" time.

And a comments policy would be nice, so people can make a good-faith effort not to break the rules. Obviously, NYT should keep it fluid, but it would be nice for posters to know that this is a PG or R-rated board, so they can dial down their cussing appropriately.

5/23/2006 5:15 PM  
Blogger Lame Man said...

I also had a comment deleted, possibly due to an excessive use of sarcasm.

I am trying to do a Google search of that blog, but I'm not having any success. Strange. I guess the Times' blogs are more special than regular ol' blogs.

5/24/2006 9:44 AM  

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