Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bush Blogger Confused

Under the banner They Can Give It, But They Can't Take It, Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush follows the lead of other rightwingers and makes an apples to oranges comparison about Ann Coulter:

"Peter Daou seems rather upset with what's going with Ann Coulter.

NBC, a major U.S. media outlet, has given Coulter extended play in recent days. They have knowingly given a public forum to a woman who slandered 9/11 widows and who is now on the record identifying a U.S. Congressman, a Marine, as an ideal target for murder...
Oh really? Has Air America been shunned for their past running of a skit that featured a "gunshot" warning to the President?"
Matt, the correct analogy would be an Air America host going on NBC and pulling the stunt you described, then being invited back several times to do the same thing.


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